Our Provision

We provide a wide range of experiences with an emphasis on social skills and language development, including role play, story and songs, and small group activities, encouraging children to play, talk and learn together. Our toys and equipment, will encourage natural curiosity and stimulate imagination and exploration.

The daily use of materials including sand and water gives children the opportunity to communicate with each other and learn new language as they develop their social, physical and creative skills. Activities such as baking and play dough encourage simple mathematical concepts and problem solving skills. Messy activities include painting, sticking, and arts and crafts.

We provide activities that gently encourage our pre-school children to become independent, such as serving themselves at meal times, washing hands, and taking off their own coats and hanging them up. Our nursery staff all act as role models within the setting, and recognise that children learn by example – good manners,  common courtesy, respect and patience are demonstrated at all times throughout the day.

Our garden room and outdoor play area is vital to children’s health and well-being – an area that offers plenty of opportunities to observe, explore and become fascinated by the outside world. Children have the opportunity to access the outdoor and indoor areas throughout the day.

We believe that children who begin their early years in a happy, caring, stimulating environment which is vibrant, purposeful and supportive are offered the best chance of developing into confident, happy successful life-long learners.

Daily observations are carried out throughout the nursery on each individual child, which are used to plan different activities and educational experiences to support each individual child’s needs. Each child’s development and achievements are all tracked individually in each child’s learning journey, which is available for parents to read at anytime.


The Role of the Key Person

We believe that children settle best when they have a key person to relate to – each child is allocated a key person who works closely with them and their family and ensures individual care and attention. The key person will ensure that activities and care offered at the nursery are tailored to the unique needs of each individual child so that all children are supported in reaching their full potential. They will observe them in their play so that they can plan future opportunities and experiences that best meet their needs and interests.

The Key Person will respond sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour, offering security, reassurance and continuity, understanding your child’s individual needs and share information with you about your child’s experiences in nursery.

The Key Person will help each of their children to develop relationships with other members of staff and children.

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